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Doctors consulting from IFMC

Click on the images for more information about each GP, including their areas of specialisation.

GDK03992 3.jpeg

Dr Anna Bui

GDK04054 3.jpeg

Dr Anne Simpson

GDK03964 3.jpeg

Dr Dion Casey

GDK04027 3.jpeg

Dr Elise Perger


Dr Gagandeep Kaur

GDK03707 3.jpeg

Dr Gary Butler

HF B&W.jpg

Dr Haisley Formosa

GDK04144 3.jpeg

Dr Hailey Commins

GDK04096 3.jpeg

Dr Ian McCorkindale

GDK04065 3.jpeg

Dr Jacqui Noble

GDK04117 3.jpeg

Dr Jessica Osborne

LP B&W.jpg

Dr Lauren Piatek

Dr Michele McGrath

GDK04036 3.jpeg
GDK04130 3.jpeg

Dr Oscar Horky

GDK04009 5.jpeg

Dr Peter Allan

Dr Rene Dostál

GDK03700 3.jpeg
GDK04012 3.jpeg

Dr Ros Maskiell

Dr Sarah-Beth Magambo

GDK03966 3.jpeg
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